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small-sachin-connedअभिनेत्रींची मकर सक्रांत

सुजय तू जमशेदजी टाटा यांच्या सारखा दिसतो: रतन टाटा

makar sankrant 2016

सुजय डहाके तरूण दिग्दर्शक मेक इन इंडियासाठी ऑडियो व्हिज्युअल तयार करत आहे. या संदर्भात त्याने नुकतीच रतन टाटा यांची भेट घेतली. त्यावेळी रतन टाटा यांनी सुजयला कॉम्पलीमेंट देताना म्हणाले की तू जमशेदजी टाटांसारखा दिसतो. सुजय म्हणतो की त्याच्या या वाक्यावर मी लाजलो. पण रतन टाटा खुपच मोठे आहेत. माझ्या बाबांनी टाटा ग्रुपमध्ये ४१ वर्ष काम केल आहे. माझ्या बाबाना घडवण्यात टाटा ग्रुपचा खूप मोठा हात आहे. या शतकातील सर्वात मोठी व्यक्ती म्हणजेच रतन टाटा यांची मुलाखत घेताना मला खुप आनंद होत आहे.

सुजय ने या मुलाखत संबंधीत आणखी काही आठवणी सोशल नेटवर्कींग साईट वर शेयर केल्या आहेत. त्या आठवणी त्याच्याच शब्दात नक्की वाचा....



Two years ago, my father retired from Tata Motors. He served the company for 41 years. I asked “ What makes you so loyal to a company, offer your intelligence and serve a company that long? ”

He said, “ It’s the values of Tata Group that one cherishes all his life. The Tata’s made my father, Just like any other Tata product – They engineered my father into a fine – gentle product. Our household was based on the values of Tata Group.

As a kid I didn’t understand all these values and being of the righteous self. But yesterday was different – I was meeting Mr.Tata, Yes ‘I’ was – The just turned Youngman of 30s – distressed with values and ethics was meeting the epitome of conscience. I was supposed to Direct Mr. Ratan (as he fondly likes to be called) on an on-going AV (audio-visual) that I am shooting for Make-In-India.

Watching him so composed and humble, with sparkling eyes – I wondered, why would the cosmos choose him?

As he spoke every line given to him, I watched him on the monitor and he watched me back through the camera, with those piercing eyes - The same eyes that, I remember seeing in every Tata employee, including my father. And that’s when I realized that; I am interviewing the greatest man of the century. And that; I am the luckiest man on earth.

(I am sure every Tata employee will second that statement)

Sharing a few pictures from that 3 hours of wisdom with Mr. Ratan Tata.

(P.S) He said “ I look like the - then young Jamshetji Tata”

Me : (blushing )


- Sujay S. Dahake

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had. Think differently." - Ratan Tata