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Ganpati Workshop


कवयित्री संगीता जोशी यांच्या ‘प्रथमेशा’ अल्बममधील गाणी...

सोनाली कुलकर्णी
सोनाली कुलकर्णी
सुबोध भावे
प्रसाद ओक
संतोष जुवेकर
अमॄता खानविलकर
अमॄता सुभाष
भुषण प्रधान
चिन्मय मान्डलेकर
शर्वरी जेमिनीस
श्रृती मराठे
सिद्धार्थ चांदेकर
सुशांत शेलार
तेजस्विनी पंडीत
उपेंद्र लिमये
विभावरी देशपांडे
सुजय डहाके



Snjyot hardikar(Actress)

Shiva- SHakti…..they are known as the Universal parents. Parvati, once held a lump of mud, (let’s not call it dirt) in her loving palms, gave it some form, treated it like her own baby, and BINGO!!!! She had a baby Ganapati to call her a mother!!!!

I guess I could experience the same magic happening when I; along with my dear sons and husband, and a few friends attended a “Make your own Ganapati” workshop. Deep gratitude to Niranjan Upasani and George from Blue Wiess for organizing it. It was a very endearing experience.

Synopsis of the workshop…..

The workshop began with a beautiful lesson……An attitude of gratitude. Pramod Sir talked about thanking the space around us, our own hands, the blank PAPER on which we would draft a rough sketch of the Ganesha that is soon to be born.

Then there were a few beautiful moments spent on getting the “feel” of it all….kind of sensitizing ourselves, an aware, mindful, sensual experience of closing our eyes, HEARING, different sounds, the birds chirping, the heart beating, the dogs barking in the background, the fan running, bored babies crying. Just close your eyes and hear everything.

Feeling our own hands, touching them caressing them, caressing the beautiful, smooth slightly cold paper….

Then we all got to open the packets of the clay for which we were all very eager. Oh the soft, cool cool mud. WE held the mud in our palms and prayed for a moment. Then everybody was allowed to explore the clay, knead it, roll it, pat it, mould it. Basically, connect with the clay. Bond with it. For most of the kids, this time, of complete freedom to explore the clay is like a “पूरा पैसा वसूल “ experience….and for us adults it was a very real, very “grounding” experience…

Anyways, then we move on to bringing the clay back in a brick-like rectangular form, marking different lines and strokes on the brick to roughly plan, or draft the features of your Ganapati. Kind of like reference lines.

Slowy, the ears emerge, just by pinching the clay a little here and a little there, we get the ears. Its almost like magic, as one by one the features emerge, you keep getting flashes of our Ganapati which hasn’t happened yet, in your mind’s eye. Big ears, thick ears, thin ears, ears that are too close to the head, ears that are jutting out….Oh; lots and lots of variety!

Then the trunk. …All one needs to do is roll out a lump of mud into a “carrot shape” and TADA! We have a trunk!!! Some want it long, some want it fat, some want it curved…..

Slowly, a real Ganesha emerges, and so do real and live emotions. Love for the figure that is taking birth; , frustration over the easily collapsing mud, irritation over the cranky over active children around, and so on…..

My elder son lost his patience as he was losing out and lagging behind and hence could not catch up with the instructions. Kabir, younger one did not bother much with the instructions. He was very quiet, disconnected with his brother who was crying and angry for most part of the workshop. In fact;, he kind of disconnected with the instructions as well, after knowing the basics, and then kept on playing with the clay and came up with his own, unique Ganapati.

After the two hours session, everybody was happy and smiling, with their own Ganapatis carefully held in their arms. The beauty of the experience was that the instructions were very very simple. Very basic. One would feel, that out of these basic instructions, there would be a standard Ganapati one would get. One; just like the other. But what happened was simply magic…………each Ganapati. was Himself. Completely individual. What was uncanny was that everyone was a novice, so nobody “thaught” or “planned” to make any specific features. They just flowed with the flow, and let their hands move over the soil……….but STILL. Each Ganapati resembled its creator. Somehow, one look at the Ganapati, and one had a feeling of huge resemblance with the maker. A reflection of the maker; an expression of the creators own personality….

Our clay experience didn’t end here. We brought home Kabir’s Ganapat and one huge lump of clay. My husband and elder son planned to go home and make one large Ganesha.

The next day the boys called two more friends over for a clay party!!!! And Clay party it was!!!! While the party was going, Kabir made one more teeny weeny Ganapati again, and then joined the party. Now KAbir makes a Ganesha every day, sometimes from the soil from my kitchen garden, most of the times from the dough I knead for rotis. Ram just played and played in the clay. Squishing it, beating it, rolling it, pouring extra water and slushing it. No organic, eco-friendly Ganesha here…. Just pure, organic, completely eco-friendly fun and masti. It more than made up for the tears Ram experienced the day before. All the anger over the clay eased out, and Ram became friends with the loving soil. Well, I guess that’s what matters.

My Husband is still trying to befriend the clay. The clay has become rock hard now and he is still trying to find the perfect consistency of the clay to independently make his own Ganapati…..he is still struggling. And we just have two more days for the festival……..

So…at the end of this experience, what we get, a Ganesha, or just slushy slothy mud, over your body, or tears and anger is immaterial. All in all, for me, this process was an experience to bring one closer to his own self, closer to his roots, closer to his “earth” factor.

Writer - Snjyot hardikar(Actress)

Instructor- Pramod Kamble(The famous Sculptor)
Venue- " Blue Wiss "organised the event on 8th sept , @ Lunkad Colonnade, Viman NAgar, Pune .