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Sharmila Sil-Menon


Sharmila Sil-Menon
Sateri Software Pvt Ltd.

8th March, International Women’s day…….. as a woman do we require this exclusive day in a year which makes us or others feel about us special. If yes then why only one day, if we are special to one or many it should be all round the year and if it is for us then why restrict ourselves to one day. We should live life everyday……..

I as a woman believe in equality, in everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything. I am not expecting anything more nor less from what I work for. To achieve more I would prefer working harder rather than getting it on bias of gender. I am so sad to see around that though we are in the 21st century we women are still lagging thought process wise. We on the pretext of culture and society are still doing things as generally done and not what we want to do. If we do dare to break the social laws it is guilt which surrounds us. It is ironical that our country which has so many goddesses and our country being portrayed as Mother India is still facing problems like female infanticide, child abuse, child marriage, rape, eve-teasing, parents getting under debt on the pretext of huge dowries, brides / daughter-in-laws burnt on the name of dowry, marital rape, domestic abuse never ending list.

Today’s woman has tried to emerge from most of the problems mentioned, studied, have a fantastic career but when it comes to household work and taking care of children it is the woman who has to mostly take the entire / most of the responsibility. Women we know are good at multi-tasking but why is it she who should slog day & night and feel guilty if she is not giving enough time to her children. It is we women who have to come out of this THOUGHT PROCESS. Household work and work outside the house should be equally shared amongst the partners and children can also contribute to it in their ways.

Family comprises of both the partners and children and also includes the parents and siblings of both husband and wife and not husband only. Taking the responsibility and care of parents should be one and everyone’s prime duty. India is a country where we are still bound to all these relationships very deeply so we women along with our partner should take care and responsibility of both our parents and in-laws.

One person cannot change the world but we surely can change the people we regularly interact with, we can bring a change to their thinking process, let them realize what is correct and let them take their own decisions. Such small changes will slowly and steadily change the world. Give education its priority and let it reach all, let thinking process happen, give your children the space to grow mentally and we ourselves come out of our shells and breathe the air of “FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, SPEECH & ACTION”.

Wishing myself and all around “ All the very Best” to face the Life ahead with challenge to win through.

Sharmila Sil-Menon