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All's well and fine, when strange things relating to Sameer..


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Download audio recording of a portion of DhoomFM program - The interview with Sandeep Kulkarni by Snehal was broadcast, Snehal and Lalita talked about "Gaiir" too in this program!


Kruti Film presents

  Kruti Film’s new ‘Gaiir’ is a modern day thriller. Sameer Shroff (Sandeep Kulkarni) And Neha Kothari (Amruta Khanvilkar) have just got married. They make a fabulous couple and to add up to the bliss of their newly married life, Sameer has just been declared as one of powerful emerging Asian. Sameer receives additional praise because of the age at which he has achieved this glory. Sameer gives all the due credit to his mother Jayashree (Ila Bhate). Neha is the 21st century girl. A Photographer herself, she is the only daughter of NRI Bhaskar Kothari (Vidydhar Joshi).

   All's well and fine, when strange things relating to Sameer start happening. It seems that Sameer has been spotted at two different places at the same time. This incident occurs once when Sameer's old care taker spots him in the city when he actually is away in Cochin.

   It is considered to be the age that is taking the toll on the elderly lady... But not for long when the same incident happens with a staff member of Sameer's office and then one fine day with Neha herself. The look-alike declines to recognize any of them when made an approach.He is exactly as identical to Sameer as his mirror image. There are confusions in the air until he reaches Sameer's house and shares the bed with Neha and leaves only before the real one arrives. Neha is shattered.

   CBI officer Abhijeet Sardesai (Ankush Chaoudhari) is appointed officially to investigate the matter. Storey has remarkable swings and captures audience effectively.Producer trio Hasmukh Hirani, Prashant Ghaisas and Santosh Navale have attempted new heights in the world of Marathi Cinema. They have used the best locations, Lexus, Ferrari and Mercedez and anything and everything that added to the ambience of the film. It is first film using modern Helicopter in climax scene. It will certainly be a milestone in the history of Marathi films.

   TV serial ‘Asambhav’ and ‘Agnihotra’ fame young director Satish Rajwade has shown his marvel in taking his creative talents to silver screen. Film’s music is outstanding & songs sung by well known singers like Hariharan, Kunal Ganjawala & Shreya Ghoshal. The film being a thriller has every interesting and intriguing element, glamour, gloss, guns, games played by the mind & other games, gadgets and above all a gripping screenplay which will keep the audience glued to the edge of their seats to the very end.

   Marathi cinema is entering into a new, exciting & enlivening era which begins with "Gaiir".


The Team

Producers: Hasmukh hirani, G. Prashant and Santosh Navle
Story: parag Kulkarni- Shirish Rajwade
Screenplay: Parag Kulkarni- Satish Rajwade
Dialougues: Parag Kulkarni



Star Cast:

Sandeep Kulkarni
Ankush chowdhari
Amruta Khanvilkar
Uday Tikekar
Ila Bhate
Vidyadhar Joshi
Tejaswini Pandit
Amita Khopikar
Mahesh Joshi
Sandeep Pathak
and sandeep Kulkarni

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