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Munmun Poddar
PHP Developer
Sateri Software Pvt.Ltd

A woman’s essence lies in her innate ability to care, love and sacrifice for the other. She plays an all-enveloping character of a mother, daughter, wife and sister as a friend, displaying a wonderful range of emotions from being patient to being extremely courageous in times of crisis. The International Women's Day celebrated on 8th March is a universal day for all women around the world. It endows them with a sense of honour, dignity and self respect for being the person that they are. For the women of the world, the Day is an occasion to review how far they have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development. I would like to share my own experience on how I have achieved my aim of being a “Software Developer”.

During my MCA, my college gave me training on Visual Basic language. But I never stuck to only one language. I always tried to learn new things and I learned ASP.Net and PHP language by my own. I used to learn these languages in my spare time. Also I managed time to practice Table Tennis in my college and I was a champion in that too. But life was not so easy. When I came to Pune for job search it was very difficult for me to find a job. I struggled for four months in Pune. All these struggles finally led me to achieve my aim and today I am a “PHP Developer” in a well renowned company in Pune. I want to say to all the women in the world that never stick to any one thing in life. If I would have stuck to any one language, probably I would have not achieved my aim. Explore the world around you as much possible, this will give you more chances to prove yourself. Once you achieve your aim, as I did, every day would be Women's Day for you. Happy Women's Day.

Munmun Poddar