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Pooja Gupta

I am on the right track baby, I was born this way.. -

Pooja Gupta
Data Base Administrator
Sateri Software Pvt.Ltd

A movement of hope has arrived due to growing consciousness of women in every region of world..

On the occasion of Women's Day a lot has been talked about the challenges and struggles faced by working,nonworking and illeterate women, but now the time has arrived to accolade women's achievements.Since ages women have been trying to prove their worth – be it in any field. And to my experience and knowledge they have come up with the flying colors.

The only struggle I feel married working women faces is :

When women starts working they have to juggle between work and life: taking care of children, maintaing household,parents but after they were provided with proper working conditions like creches for their children, easy commuting facilities then this hassle also got vanished. Being more suspectible to illness they have the responsibility to take utmost care of themselves too.

Coming up to the single women : they face social challenges of being single. Though these days women are being encouraged to work, but the stigma of staying single still exists especially if a woman reaches her 30's. It's more important for her to settle down rather than focussing on her career and personal growth.

If provided with all amenities , good working condition and no social pressures women are strong enough to challenge male counterparts in whatever field it may be. Not only they can survive in extreme conditions but also are capable enough to give amazing results as they do it with full dedication

Now the time has come when people stop thinking women as the second species of the world: A homemaker.

Pooja Gupta